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2022-03-12 05:47:48 By : Ms. Sharon Liu

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If you’re on TikTok, then you know how fast things can go viral. One day your For You Page is all videos of corgis as the beach (that’s a universal experience, right?), and the next, it’s mostly videos of rich people showing off their swirly blue smoothies from Erewhon.

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Erewhon is a Los Angeles-area grocery store with a reputation for having sky-high prices. It’s a favorite of celebrities, and it sells all sorts of organic produce, supplements, and beverages, and it has a salad bar, hot bar, and smoothie counter inside. It’s the sort of place where going to pick up four ingredients for a humble dinner can somehow cost $50, and where your salad bar choices can end up nearly bankrupting you when you pay at the register. But it’s all so well-designed and pretty inside that you kind of don’t care…until you check your bank account.

One of their most popular drinks, which is making the rounds on TikTok, is Marianna’s Coconut Cloud Smoothie. The blue-swirled drink is made from almond milk, coconut cream, avocado, banana, almond butter, Vital Proteins vanilla collagen powder, Blue Majik spirulina, and vanilla stevia. It was created in partnership with influencer Marianna Hewitt, and in the week that it launched at Erewhon’s Beverly Hills location, they had more than 1,000 people order it.

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The catch? One of these smoothies will set you back a whopping $17. People like to snark about how much money people are willing to spend on coffee, but can we please talk about smoothie prices? It seems like they’re getting more and more expensive, and it’s kind of silly, because once you have all of the ingredients on hand, you can make one of these Erewhon smoothies for a fraction of the price. Thankfully, TikToker SkyasGhibliCafe showed us how.

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The specialty ingredients you’ll need are Vanilla Almond Malk, Vital Proteins Vanilla Collagen Powder , vanilla stevia , E3AFA Blue Majik powder packets (look for the packets at the store, where they cost $2.99 each, if you don’t want to buy a full bottle), and Zuma Valley Organic Coconut Cream. If you can’t find any of these items, just go for another brand, but look for ones that are organic or that have as few added ingredients as possible. You’ll also need frozen banana, frozen pineapple, avocado, and almond butter.

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Blend your ingredients together, then layer the smoothie with coconut cream and some extra Blue Majik powder , and you’ve got an Erewhon Marianna’s Coconut Cloud Smoothie dupe that will seriously save you some cash. Yes, you have to spend a little up front to get the ingredients, but after a few smoothies or so you’re already saving big money, because you only need a little scoop and sprinkles of the priciest ingredients.

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